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Thinking About Buying A Newly
Constructed Home in San Diego, California?

Terrific! But..... WHO will be Representing
YOU when you buy your new home?

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Call us today, Dennis and Sunshine Smith, 760-436-0087, for information on all New Home Tracts. We have a list of most New Home projects covering most of San Diego County. Hire an Experienced, Licensed Realtor. Our total fee will be paid by the builder!

1. We will represent you as a true buyer's agent.

2. Use our knowledge of the area and access our computers to match you with the perfect home for you and yours.

3. Accompany you to the subdivision sales office on your 1st visit.**

4. Negotiate the best possible price, options & terms for you.

5. Review all the paper work with you prior to you signing..

**Note! Builder rules state that the agent must accompany you on your 1st visit!

Things to think about when buying a newly built home.

If you can wait, buy to close escrow at the end of the builders fiscal year. The builders want to end the year with as little inventory as possible. Since most are publicly traded, the shareholders like it too. Note: not all builders years end on Dec 31. Check your public library for end dates.

Hire your own professional inspector who will visit the home 2 to 4 times during the construction.  Some inspectors have told me that they find more problems on new construction than on resales.  Sure, most builders (but not all) will fix it for you but now you are in the house while they fix the problems.  Do not rely on your friend or relative who is or was a contractor to do the same quality inspection as a professional who does this every day. You may want to ask them to join your inspector. The more eyes the better. Be a perfectionist.

Go for the upgraded wiring, phone and communications packages. It is a much better job, and cheaper, if done during construction.  We are just at the beginning of the Information Superhighway!  And while on the computers, make sure the kids rooms are large enough for the computer desk too.

Be prepared for "upgrades". You can expect to pay 5% to 15% of the sales price in upgrades, extras and landscaping. Check out what the builder is offering and what they will give you in allowances then compare prices from outside contractors.  Be aware that all your upgrades increase the purchase price and therefor the assessed value and the property taxes that you will have to pay till you sell. Your non builder upgrades that you do or have done for you after the close that do not require a permit are not added to the assessed value because the assessor does not know about them.

Reconsider  wood casement windows. They are much higher long term maintenance than the vinyl-clad windows with wood-like finishes. Watch the energy efficiency of the builders windows.

Keep in touch with the sales staff for any homes that fell out of escrow. Sometimes they are from a previous phase and can be bought at the old phase price. Standing inventory can be a good value too.

The builder will rarely negotiate on the price except at the very end of a project. They need to protect their price so that the previous buyers do not become angry. In a hot market they rarely give upgrade packages. They do not have to because they have a waiting line but always ask anyway.  Sometimes they will give you an incentive to use the in-house financing. Usually OK, but shop that too with a local mortgage broker.  Please feel free to use me as your Real Estate Resource. You can contact me at Dennis Smith, RE/MAX BY-THE-SEA or call the number below!

Oh, by the way, if you know of, or talk to, a friend or relative who is considering buying or selling Real Estate, please let me know so I can offer them the same valuable service I give to you.

If you want an experienced professional on your side, call:

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Donna "Sunshine" Smith  SFR, Realtor

Dennis Smith, ABR, SRES, e-PRO, CDPE, Realtor

Local  760-436-0087    Cell/Text:  760-212-8225


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